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“The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are much more common than positive ones.”
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Anonymous asked: “People keep mentioning >2 biological sexes, but no one will identify them. I understand if there are no names, but what do they DO? What kind of gametes do they make, if not sperm or eggs? Or is it just that their ability to produce sperm or eggs is ambiguous, impaired or deactivated? By remaining vague you appear to be pushing back against biological essentialists with some remixed biological essentialism of your own, which just makes all parties look foolish and drives away biologists.”


[TW for discussion of bodies and cissexist language.]

Let the record reflect that I do not appreciate your implication that I do not know what I am talking about. This is information I have shared, multiple times, on this blog and elsewhere. This is information that is available via google search. I am going to give you a summary and then some assigned reading. 

Now obviously, because you are here, you are at least dimly aware that binary gender is a faulty construct and a whole spectrum of gender experience exists. Very shortly we are going to see that binary sex is also a faulty construct. 

There are more than two sexes or, more accurately, the construct (as in, the notion made up by humans) of binary sex fails to map onto biological reality.

So, what exactly is binary sex? It is the notion that there are two “biological” sexes, and these sexes have distinct certain traits. 

These sexually dimorphic traits include kariotype, genital arrangement, endocrine activity, reproductive system (including gamete production) and secondary sexual characteristics (there may be more that I’m missing atm). 

The idea is that “female” people have XX chromosomes, a “typical” dfab genital arrangement, cyclical estrogen and progesterone activity and relatively low testosterone, produce eggs, and breasts and hips, while “male” people have XY chromosomes, a “typical” dmab genital arrangement, high testosterone and low progesterone and estrogen activity, produce sperm, and wide shoulders and narrow hips.

In reality, none of these traits necessarily go together. You can have any combination of these things, and basically every combination you can conceive of actually happens in humans. Furthermore, most humans fail to map on to every trait of their assigned binary sex at some point in their lives. 

There are a myriad of possible kariotypes (XX, OX, XY, XXY, XXX, XYY, etc.) If you have a kariotype other than XX or XY, you could walk around your entire life never knowing, or be diagnosed in childhood due to associated symptoms, or anything in between.

There are a myriad of genital arrangements, including intersex genital arrangements, and a wide variation of genital arrangements even within the categories of dfab and dmab. 

There are countless ways in which endocrine function can vary, from insensitivity syndromes to high levels of one hormone or another to deficiency in the production of a hormone, etc. 

There are countless ways the reproductive system can vary, and not all people successfully produce gametes, or possesses the associated parts to successfully reproduce. Sterility occurs in humans, as do conditions which make successful coupling impossible, etc, not to mention the wide variety in sexual behavior and mate selection that can affect the decision to reproduce or not reproduce. 

There are a myriad of body types, and not all dfab people have breasts, and some dmab people have wideset hips, etc. 

So when we’re talking about bodies, binary sex is woefully inadequate to define what’s actually happening. 

Go read Kinsey’s takedown of the construct of binary sex here [link] and my rant about the genderbread man here [link

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how to communicate in a relationship


how to communicate in a relationship

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What exactly am I guilty of? Exactly, I cannot say.

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yaaas Brenna yaaas you look sooo good

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I peed on the hamster

Oh my god the last one

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How puppies help when you’re sick.

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